{the introduction}


Good morning from Linslade, where this tiny little nest caught my eye…

Studying Ecology and Conservation was amazing. It opened my eyes to all sorts of environmental issues that I wasn’t aware even existed. It made me realise what a messed up world we live in and continue to selfishly abuse. It taught me what monsters we truly are as a species, and ultimately I became cynical and disheartened. I held on to the negatives and the overwhelming feeling of insignificance. 

It became apparent that I was focussing on the big picture. Of course that’s depressing. Of course it’s impossible to solve. 

And then I decided that it was up to you. It’s up to me, all of us. Each ‘one’ can make a difference as a whole. I keep hearing whispers and ideas, and hope throughout the negativity. It’s enough to make me soldier on. That, and I’m incredibly stubborn!

Most of the time it is ignorance on the part of the consumer, but more often than not the producers of chemicals, food, toiletries, cosmetics… Industry as a whole? It’s rich enough and greedy enough to continue to exploit and pollute and pay off. There are many others treading the path that I am, and my belief is that if one person can change the way they consume and pollute, then we all can. And we CAN make a difference. Failing that? At least I know that I am doing the best I can under my circumstances, and even if I highlight some of the issues we’ve been blinded to as consumers and citizens of our ‘developed’ countries and encourage one other person, that is something.

So, I started to change the little things. I’m not perfect by any means, so please allow me a little leeway, but I will get there. 

We are consumers.

We are a big part of the problem. 

We have to change if industry won’t, and then maybe they’ll listen. 

Start small.

{life changing}


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