Organic Cotton Corset

Grey & White Pinstriped Organic Cotton Corset, lined with Organic Cotton. Spiral Steel Boned. This corset is made in the traditional late Victorian style, with modern materials.

I wish I had a wooden bust to display this corset on… I’m working towards one, as the photo below right doesn’t really do it justice. There are more photos on my Facebook page. I hope you like it…


Do you have any ideas or suggestions that you’d like to see? I can make you a corset to your exact measurements in any style, colour & fabric you’d like. See my Etsy shop for more details or comment here.

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Lewes Craft Fair

So, I’ve finished my organic cotton corset, and it looks mighty fine (IF I may say so myself!) Pictures to follow, but what I really want to share with you is that I’ll be at the Bits and Bobbins Craft Fair in Lewes, East Sussex on Saturday 16th April, 10-4 at the All-Saints Centre, Friars Walk.

I’m very excited, and it’s going to be packed with GORGEOUS things and lovely people. Come on down!!!

I’ll be selling my eco-friendly accessories & will have a corset or two on display, so if you like what you see I can be commissioned to make a made-to-measure one just for you, in the colour & fabric of your choice…

Forgotten Signs Project

Admittedly not always the most observant of walkers (mainly due to daydreaming) I have spied a few old signs in my time that make my brain whizz back through the years and begin to imagine what life would have been like at the time they were in use, or about the people who would have shopped at the places, or taken note of them.

I love that there are so many still around. Perhaps they’re listed? Or maybe people just have a sense of respect for them… Who knows? Anyway, I’m going to photo my favourites and post them on here. I hope your brain takes you daydreaming.

{at the end of St Paul’s Street, Brighton}

{Sturminster Newton, Dorset}

Photos of a Corset I made a While Ago

For my sister’s school ball I made this spiral steel boned hourglass corset…

{all photos are the property of the author, no material may be copied or reproduced without prior permission}

Saturday is the New Monday

So I’m going to ‘real work’ today, first of 5 days, like a normal job but this week starts on a Saturday (I’m a florist in case you were wondering).

Welcome to my new blog

Hi there, masquerading as OakAppleDesigns on Etsy, I’m Harriet Rich and will bring you photos of work in progress, completed pieces and perhaps some words of relative wisdom if you’re lucky!

I’m aiming to make a completed steel boned hourglass corset by 25th March, and will keep you updated!

This is all a bit overwhelming..!